Bitcoin users find themselves in a conundrum these days-- the more bitcoin is adopted, the better its long term prospects and the more their investments are worth. However, with increased public awareness and adoption comes increased regulations and taxes. How can you put yourself in a position to reap the benefits of increased adoption without having your bitcoins counted by the state or private blockchain analysis firms?

The world is still a long way from cryptocurrencies replacing fiat currencies and creating a financial realm free from government interference, so for now, make sure your assets are secure. If you want to protect what you've earned from government scrutiny, you need to make sure your real-life identity is never connected to your digital holdings. This means protecting not only your wallets, but also all of your transactions. That's where we come in! Using a tumbler like Bitcoin Laundry is an essential step in your routine for anonymizing your coins. Bitcoin regulations will only be getting tighter in the coming years, so take care now to keep your assets private, anonymous, and squeaky clean!