A sinister report from cybersecurity firm Ciphertrace asserts that its software can track up to 87% of the global cryptocurrency transaction volume. Authorities are looking for new ways to use blockchain analysis to investigate illegal activity, but there's very little to stop them implementing new technologies to track the activity of ordinary people, too. 

In addition to more sophisticated technologies, governments and law enforcement rely most frequently on more basic methods for following cryptocurrency transactions, such as KYC information and IP addresses. While the tools to track your bitcoin are getting stronger, mixers like Bitcoin Laundry are still your best line of defense when you want to safeguard your online privacy. Here's how to make the most of our mixer to keep you secure.

Use Tor:  No need to broadcast your personal IP address when making bitcoin transactions. Use a VPN and tor to visit us at btcdryi67te57itq.onion

Use a Delay: We offer this for a reason! Delaying your transaction makes it harder to connect bitcoins going into the mixer with bitcoins coming out.

Use multiple addresses: Ditto with addresses. When an amount goes into the mixer, analysis will be easier when a similar amount comes out to one address. Better to split up your mix to several addresses.

Use new addresses: A mixed bitcoin is only as clean as the address you send it to. For best protection, clean coins should be sent to brand new addresses every time.

Use Often: Use a mixer whenever you receive bitcoins from an individual, and definitely before sending coins to an exchange or any platform associated with your real identity.